BFS - Bankable Feasibility Studies

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At USP&E, we believe that every power station project we have preformed has made us a better company and positioned us to help our clients unlock value and minimize risk. Our vision is to be the most trusted supplier of power station consulting services in emerging markets. So it makes sense we think that our specific area of focus across all of our divisions is to drive value through lowering our clients’ operational costs. With our varied and extensive background in project planning and management, USP&E Consulting (North America, Africa and India) supports Owners and Executive Teams in major project

development opportunities.


 A feasibility study involves a technical and commercial examination of a project’s potential for success. The main purpose for this study is to determine whether the project is viable given the infrastructure required and the resources available to the company.


The Conceptual Feasibility Study (CFS), or Class 5 estimate, is often prepared in the outset of the development phase of a project. During this scoping phase, all critical design alternatives are being examined and the preliminary project execution plan is established. The CFS is defined as an order of magnitude estimate, including contingency, that is accurate to +/- 20%. USP&E offers a robust CFS practice and can often complete a CFS in Africa in 30-60 days, depending on the level of detail required.



USP&E’s design engineering practices create the kind of economic models that share-holders, banks, and investment committees require prior to a Financial Investment Decision (FID). Accurate to +/- 10%, our Definitive Feasibility Studies (DFS) provide professional financial projections relative to the power station of each infrastructure project (mining, hospitality, oil and gas, manufacturing, etc).


Ultimately, a DFS is a comprehensive, forward-looking, assumption-driven economic and technical project report to be used by the owner’s executive team as it seeks to work with the Board of Directors (BOD) to determine the Net Present Value (NPV) of the proposed asset over it’s life so as to reach a positive FID and achieve the organizations target outcome: enduring profitability.

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