Bridge Power

Tornadoes in Texas. Afghan Mudslides. Avalanches in Nepal. Earthquakes in Chile. Cyclones in Odisha. Volcanoes in Hawaii. Landslides in Pune. Jammu and Kashmir Floods. Typhoons in Hagupit. California wildfires. Hurricanes in Florida.

It's a fact that Disasters are on the increase globally. Statisticians and relief specialists are working together to try to understand and predict where disasters will occur next.

Reliable and affordable electricity is never more critical than in the aftermath of disasters. Lives literally depend upon it. When communications, potable water, lights and cold storage are unavailable, fire fighting and medical equipment no longer function, and rescue and law enforcement is made extremely difficult. At times like these, public safety procedures must take effect and power generation equipment must be dispatched via land, air, and sea.

This is where USP&E's mobile generators and trailerized gas turbines can provide the bridge power required to maintain peace while rescue operations and life-saving medical procedures are needed to save lives.

In the global disaster recovery industry, emergency bridge power is playing an increasing and critical role in the recovery from all manner of disasters. But it must be available, reliable, and easy to install and operate. This is where USP&E shines brightest.

USP&E provides immediate, flexible, affordable bridge power solutions during emergencies or natural disasters.

USP&E deploys only the best, most advanced, highly efficient and reliable bridge power generators when called upon to help.

In the worst of climates and conditions, relief workers can trust that USP&E will delivery reliable and safe equipment that will keep hospitals open, clean water running, and food cold and fresh.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our renewable energy solutions. We can be reached at either +27 (0)65 744 1119 or

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