As contractors and trusted partners to many leading companies and organizations throughout the world, we are responsible for acting in the best interests of the people of the communities we serve. The nature of our business is unique: We serve at the pleasure of the large industrial clients and various governments in countries that host us.

  • We serve alongside their electric utilities, troops and security personnel.

  • We are entrusted with their revenues and resources.

  • We are trusted to supply mission critical energy, mining, security and medical services.

  • And we have the responsibility to protect highly sensitive contract information.

For these reasons, our service and dedication to our public and private industrial clients and cannot waver. To help ensure our services are provided with the highest ethical standards, USP&E adheres to a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for guidance and assistance in doing the right thing.

To live up to our Code of Business Conduct, we live our values which include:

Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity.

By acting honestly and with sound judgment, by modeling ethical behavior, by taking ownership of our actions, and by valuing different ideas and opinions, we build a framework that guides us through each project. We are committed to doing the right thing - always!

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