Hybrid Energy


  • Up to 20 % reduction in electricity cost

  • Reliable power, 24/7

  • A single turnkey contract for solar, battery and thermal

At USP&E, our hybrid thermal and renewable power package offerings are designed to deliver 24/7 reliability using the most advanced renewable and controls technologies on the market - anywhere on the planet. Sectors include: Mining, industrial, IPP, oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, Islands and remote applications.


  • Up to 20 % reduction in electricity production costs turnkey contract for solar, battery and thermal energy

  • Reliable power, 24/7 

  • Fast ship bridge or long-term power

Enhanced reliability at lower operating costs - our hybrid solutions let you efficiently combine renewables with thermal generation and energy storage to delivery the most affordable and sustainable energy to your project possible.

Packaged, containerized generators running on diesel, heavy fuel oil or natural gas have been providing reliable power for years. USP&E has offered these for nearly 20 years to remote project sites worldwide.

With the advent of affordable solar and energy storage options, USP&E now offers plants with greatly reduced generation costs – and thermal configurations with much lower emissions! 

But unlike thermal generation, renewable sources of energy are often intermittent in their output and therefore considered variable power sources. The use of renewable-only energy sources for industrial and mission critical applications is oftentimes just not feasible due to increased grid instability and operational uncertainty, especially on isolated networks.

Battery storage is the third foundation stone of USP&E's Hybrid Energy Portfolio and a critical element of our stable of reliable power supply options. Energy storage technologies strengthen our client's energy infrastructure by insulating loads from the impact of fluctuating power supply. At the same time, the thermal power station experiences an increase in lifespan and decrease associated operations and maintenance (O&M) costs. These and many other factors drive the ROI for our Hybrid Power Station Solutions.  

Scalable power. When you need it. Where you need it. 

To optimise the efficiency of your power station offerings, USP&E have worked with our partners in Europe and America to create an energy package that optimially combines solar, HFO/Diesel/Natural Gas generation and energy storage – all seamlessly integrated and efficiently managed by our sophisticated software. Value is driven to each client's bottom line as we deliver reliable, affordable power 24/7, saving millions and allowing our clients to focus on what they do best - delivering value to their stakeholders.

USP&E's hybrid power offerings are available for rent, with no costly up-front investment, and also available for purchase. If our clients choose to rent our solutions, they save on CAPEX for their other business needs.Either way, our solutions are the most environmentally sound, reliable on the market and our customizable options are suited for any budget, anywhere in the world. 

Our client's count on our expert support when your business needs it – no matter how remote or challenging your location. 

Get in touch with us today at info@uspeglobal.com to discuss your project in more detail!

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