Join Our Team

A Step Above the Rest

At US Power & Environment, we offer a collaborative, diverse atmosphere that recognizes achievement, rewards accomplishment and promotes a healthy work-life balance for our employees. We are a worldwide company driven by industry success while possessing a continuing passion to serve the communities in which we operate and live. We are equally dedicated to making a positive impact in underdeveloped countries around the globe.

Make It Happen

When you work for USP&E, you're not just a number. You're a unique individual with talent and ideas that encompass who you are. At USP&E, we allow employees to take ownership of projects and involve them in the decision-making process from the start. Here, your personal interests and growth are important to us, and we help you to meet your goals. Regardless of your experience level, we value your suggestions and ideas. We want to hear them, and make sure that you always feel comfortable sharing them with us. At USP&E, we have an open-door policy where top management is always accessible to all employees.

Our achievements are only as remarkable as the talent of the people behind them. USP&E's work environment is fueled by innovative ideas and diverse points of view. We all share a common belief in going above and beyond. Being the best just isn't good enough.

What We're Doing

USP&E is fully committed to meeting and surpassing our clients' power generation needs. Our power plant construction, generator equipment and servicing needs are handled in a timely, professional manner by highly skilled generator experts. Clients trust that we will transport, install, maintain, and service reliable new and used diesel generators; natural gas turbines and HFO power plants. USP&E also provides unparalleled data center generator equipment and comprehensive support power services.

Far exceeding client expectations is our specialty. We understand that our best competitive advantage lies within the quality of our team, and we go to great lengths to recruit, develop and motivate the best staff on the planet.

Leading the Way

At USP&E, your career can lead you anywhere around the globe. We're searching for global-minded leaders that can leverage the strengths of the company in a fast changing, international market place. Our leadership is a direct correlation to our career development programs, expanding worldwide presence and customer satisfaction in the power generation industry. The cornerstones to our business success are our values, integrity, excellence, teamwork and commitment to our clients and projects.

Be Part of a Global Movement

Join our elite group of professionals at USP&E in creating innovative and imaginative new technologies and business practices. Be a part of a team that is constantly improving our stance as a global leader and as the most trusted power provider in the power industry. As an employee of this company, you too, will have the opportunity to make an impact globally. Set your sights on a future filled with purpose and limitless possibilities. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey with US Power & Environment, one that you will value for the rest of your career.

Begin your journey here:

Please contact us at to inquire about:

Rockwood, TN, USA - technical job opportunities

Bay Minette, AL, USA - technical job opportunities

Mali, Africa - technical job opportunities

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