Mining Sector

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USP&E as been supplying power generation equipment to the mining field in Africa and beyond since 2005 when we first began working in Angola and then in Mali. Today, USP&E provides power station solutions to companies in the mining industry around the world.

“A Vision without action is just a dream.

Action without vision just passes time. A vision with action can change the world”

– Nelson Mandela

USP&E also provides cutting-edge consulting services. In this division we prepare bankable feasibility studies that provide detailed and long-term cost-saving solutions for our mining clients.

We have performed feasibility studies for some of the largest mining firms in the world. We recently performed a study for a hybrid 50MW solar, HFO, diesel and wind power facility that showed savings of more than $200 million every 10 years of operation.

Please view our client references to get insight on what our previous and current customers have said about our professional power generating services in the mining industry. It is clear from our success that USP&E can be trusted to supply and install diesel generators, HFO power plants, and gas turbine power stations.

If you're looking for cutting edge solutions for mining projects - USP&E has the experience, proficiency and professionalism to execute and deliver all the power generation needs your project requires.

The team has over 10 years experience working in Africa on civil infrastructure and mining projects, maintaining operations through the Ebola and the current Covid crisis. We are an agile business with low overheads and is able to respond quickly and competitively to bids, studies or work on the ground. The company’s senior management is accessible and responsive and aim to work collaboratively with clients to help solve their challenges.

We have a technically strong, professional and highly resourceful team and a well-maintained plant fleet able to mobilise quickly and fast-track construction of access corridors, mine infrastructure and facilitate early cash generation from mining.

We have the ability to advise on mine planning, and has recently been employed by Iluka on an Early Contractor Involvement scheme to plan and cost the next phase of mining at the Sierra Rutile mine in SL, where we are currently carrying out contract mining and mine infrastructure works. 

Please note that we have never lost a competitive situation on price. We can be very flexible, hit the ground and help make projects profitable early, and perhaps there are projects we could work on together in this regard. Please contact us at and include us on your bidders list for your upcoming mining and tailings dam projects. 

Contact us today at +27 (0)65 744 1119. You can also get in touch with us via email at

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