Operations & Maintenance

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USP&E specializes in helping our clients supervise the service and maintenance of their power generating equipment, whether outlining a scheduled maintenance plan or reducing downtime due to important repair interventions. Our international O&M teams are knowledgeable in the usage of almost every OEM generator, power station and switchgear control software in the energy industry.

USP&E will assess your current energy usage and prepare our recommendations after a comprehensive assessment of your power plant operations and equipment. We then use our evaluation to determine how to enable your project to be more reliable and fuel efficient that in turn will save you money. The following information illustrates our O&M energy services.


USP&E is an expert in the daily, routine activities of operating and servicing a generator power station facility. From procuring the equipment, arranging freight and transportation logistics, to managing all human resources matters, USP&E’s personnel has years of O&M experience necessary to oversee and administer any size facility.

USP&E provides reliable operational management, supervision, and personnel to ensure that your power plant runs efficiently and is properly maintained. USP&E will be entirely responsible for the selection, hiring, training, and assignment of our staff for such objectives. In fact, USP&E understands the importance of training reliable operators to assume operation and maintenance care activities.


USP&E performs all inspections, maintenance services, and repair tasks specified in the agreed scope of work. We always manage the power generating equipment and auxilliaries in strict accordance to the maintenance scheduling and repairs, and within the design output limitations of each generator set with a focused concentration on environmental safety and preservation.

USP&E will gather, assemble and make available for inspection and review the power equipment’s operating records and spare parts stock. We also coordinate with the project's proprietor to purchase spare parts stock, and to maintain and hold the spare parts stock for the exclusive accomodation of the proprietor. USP&E also schedules major services and overhauls for the power generator equipment and accessories.

USP&E staff ensure that the equipment is in top operating condition





USP&E recognizes that operating and maintaining a power station is a multi-faceted endeavor. Daily facility operations encompasses an array of important tasks in all aspects of running an productive and efficient business. USP&E provides those power station ancillary services to keep your power plant running at peak performance. These energy services include, but are not limited to:

Supplying generator consumables, such as fuel, oil, and operating fluids and parts for the equipment.

Providing periodic inventory turnover rates by part nomenclature and equipment associated with the parts with anticipated additional parts required for scheduled maintenance.

Supplying and maintaining a fleet of vehicles for onsite and for operational travel.

Maintaining equipment records daily, such as diagnostic reports and logs, status and conditional reports, and other reporting schedules in both electronic and printed format.

Supplying specialized USP&E-required personal protective equipment and tooling.


USP&E is an accomplished integrator and installer of power plant systems all over the world. We understand how critical the importance of training plant operators to assume operation and maintenance activities is to the successfulness of a project. USP&E utilizes proven effective training practices to help the operating staff become comfortable with the power plant facility, generator equipment, and processes.

USP&E implements an assortmaent of instructional techniques, focussing on pragmatic demonstrations and actual hands-on operation of equipment. The on-the-job training is comprehensive, and trainees are educated on the complete repertoire of fundamental policies, procedures, operations, and functions crucial to perform their jobs or to instruct others in the proper use and maintenance of the power plant operation.

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