Predictive Maintenance by SMARTPOWER

USP&E's cutting-edge first-of-its-kind power station management software does things that no other control platform offers.

  • Updated Every 5 Seconds
  • Real-Time Cost $/kwhr Tracking
  • A.I.-powered Predictive Analytics
  • Better Real-Time Monitoring
  • Full Plant Remote Control Capabilities
  • Integration of to 1 Million Sensors
  • Optimized Power Plant Design
  • 100% OEM Agnostic
  • Continuous Improvement Loop
  • Improved O&M Team Safety
  • Enhanced Predictability
  • Asset Life Trend Analysis
  • Full Condition Monitoring
  • 1000 Hour Cascading Memory
  • Full Machine Learning Functionality
  • O&M Team and Spare Parts Management
  • Full Hybrid Integrations

Reduce Downtime with SMARTPOWER

Improving transparency, efficiency, reliability, availability, performance, and safety are among the top priorities for industrial organisations and businesses today. With SMARTPOWER by USP&E, our clients' assets are monitored and controlled with A.I. that offers almost limitless excellence and precision. Our clients are able to rather focus efforts and resources on controlling costs and maximising value from existing investments. SMARTPOWER's Power Station Predictive Analytics helps organisations achieve the highest return possible on critical assets through our industry leading SaaS.

Our portfolio of thermal and hybrid power station predictive analytics solutions ensures early warning notification and diagnosis of equipment days, weeks or months before failure. This helps asset-intensive organisations reduce equipment downtime, increase reliability, and improve performance while reducing operations and maintenance expenditures.

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