Social Responsibility

Giving Back to the Communities We Serve

Because of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, USP&E is a proud sponsor of charities serving Africa by helping build schools, care for children in need, prevent disease, and bring hope to war-torn regions. Please join us in supporting organizations like these - and help to truly make a difference in people's lives in Africa and around the world.

Impact Africa (

Seeks to serve, educate, and rescue individuals while provoking them toward a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ through socially relevant outlets of ministry service; which in turn deeply impact individuals, communities and nations. We are compelled to use every opportunity, gift and talent entrusted to us to fulfill this mission!

Johannesburg Arts Conservatory (

The arts bring people together to celebrate beauty, creativity and culture. JAC is a training space that offers high level instruction in both classical ballet and classical contemporary, pilates, conditioning and more.


JAC offer both full-time and partial enrollment programs, as well as a la carte classes to pre-professional dancers across Africa.

Africa Havens (

Seeks to provide homes, loving environments, and the hands of Christ to touch, nurture, and bring wholeness to body and soul to people from the most difficult of circumstances. In a continent overburdened with poverty and crises, Havens are part of the answer. We invite you to journey with us as we love the vulnerable women and children, the poor, the refugee and the exploited, by feeding them, clothing them, educating them, and giving them a fresh start.

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