Products & Services

Power Station EPC + O&M

Turnkey solutions for engineering, procurement, and construction, as well as years of operations and maintenance in emerging markets.

Diesel Fuel Efficiency

At USP&E we understand the importance of fuel efficiency optimization, especially in emerging markets with 24 / 7 operations. Ask us how we can save $100K per year in fuel per 1000KW!

SMARTpower O&M Software

USP&E's own software tool for power generation O&M. This web-based system makes your control room accessible anywhere in the world, manages spare parts, and reports fuel efficiency status by engine.

Power Plant Construction

This animation demonstrates how a complete containerized HFO Generator or diesel generator power plant is constructed by USP&E.

HFO Generator Services

USP&E is a premier diesel generator and GE gas turbine wholesaler and full-service power plant solutions provider. A truly turnkey energy services company.

Company Culture: A Team that is Changing the World!

Diversity & Culture

USP&E concentrates on diversity, bringing in experts from all corners of the world to create the best possible team - steeped in respect and mutual trust.

Every Orphan's Hope

USP&E is a proud sponsor of charities serving Africa by helping build schools, care for and sponsor orphans in need, prevent disease, and bring hope to war-torn regions - such as the diamond region near the Sewa River in Sierra Leone.

Emergency Diesel Generators

?From hurricanes to ice storms US Power & Environment keeps the electricity flowing in any mission critical situation.

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